Why Choose Us

Most clients usually do not have a clear idea about cargo services, and those who do, they don’t know about the best companies which provide such. So, the question always begs: why to choose Rising Star Cargo Pvt. Ltd.? Here are a few of the qualities that have set us apart from the rest

Worldwide Shipping Service

Rising Star Cargo offers timely delivery not to just a few group countries but worldwide. Such expansive service has allowed us to cater to customers wanting to ship to countries that other companies are not able to. In other words, your packages will go where you want them, on time and without a fuss!

21 years of experience

Time has allowed us to grow as one of the most trusted cargo companies in Nepal. With more than two decades of experience, we have pioneered efficient and effective shipping services in Nepal. These years have allowed us to grow in many ways, from expanded branches to upgrading the technology used in our services.

The network of agents and partners from around the world

Rising Star Cargo Pvt. Ltd. provides access to numerous transportation providers worldwide, including contract motor carriers, railroads, air freight carriers, and ocean carriers. Our expansive network is connected to agents and partners from around the world. Clients do not have to worry about slackness that comes from approaching other companies with no such network.

Own Warehousing Facility

Our very own warehousing facility allows us to provide a secure and protected area to handle the packages of our customers. This also means that we don’t add warehousing fees as we do not have to contact a third-party for it.

Best Logistic Service

With a comprehensive portfolio for Logistic Services, Rising Star Cargo has been successfully filling the void of excellent customer service. We analyze our customer’s needs and refer them to the optimum course of action that will save time and money.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Beyond the service of brokerage, Rising Star Cargo Pvt. Ltd. takes extra measures to ensure the quality of transactions. We can proudly announce our certification from the highly valuable ISO 9001:2008.