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Based in Nepal, Rising Star Cargo Pvt. Ltd. is one of the first of its kind, a cargo service operator, with over two decades of experience to date. As a landlocked country, Nepal faces hassles along the way of trade. Businesses and industries tend to suffer due to unreliable export and imports. However, such problems do not arise in Rising Star Cargo. With our smooth functioning and recurring client network, we have established trust among people for export and import services worldwide. If you are thinking of exporting good to the world but not too sure about the terms and conditions of the process, our logistic service analyzes the optimum course of action that allows you to save time and money in the long run. Similarly, if you want to import from other countries to your destination in Nepal, our services also facilitate such arrangements promptly.

Air Freight

Air Freights are the fastest and most reliable freight forwarding services. Air Freights is usually done in case of urgent…

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Sea Freight

Since Nepal is a landlocked country, it does not have direct access to any seaports. Usually, for sea freights, land…

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Road Freight

Road freights are the best way to get your heavy freights to your destination in a very secure manner. Rising…

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Air and Sea Freight

Yet again, Nepal's landlocked-ness creates a considerable hindrance in the transportation of goods apart from neighboring countries like India and…

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One of the most appreciated services of Rising Star Cargo is that we have our warehouse. It allows us to…

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Logistic Service

Many of our clients are clueless about import and export laws, terms of condition, and custom situation. Logistic service of…

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Courier Service

Courier service is the combination of air and road freight system. It allows packages to reach the destination is a…

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Documentation and Custom Clearing Service

Custom clearing servicer requires preparing and submitting documents that overlook the export and import into the country. Rising Star Cargo…

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