• Antiques
  • National and foreign coins of archeological value.
  • Idols of gods and goddesses, or any other article of religious importance
  • Scrolls (Thanka paintings) of historical significance and palm leaf inscription (Tad Patra), Plant leaf inscription (Bhoj Patra).
  • Wild animals and any parts of wild animals like musk, snakeskin, and lizard skin
    Drugs like Marijuana, Opium, Hashish (or any other which has been defined in the Single Convention of Narcotics, 1961)
  • Explosives materials and fuse or materials needed therefor.
  • Materials used in the production of arms and ammunition.
  • All types of imported raw materials, parts, and capital goods.
  • Raw Materials and skin (including dry salted).
  • Raw wool
  • Mamira
  • Log and timber

Prohibited goods are entirely banned from shipping. Restricted products, on the other hand, can be shipped but at your own risk — fragile goods and other items that can easily be damaged fall under this category.

Some of the restricted goods are furniture (except when flat-packed), engines and generators or components containing oil (unless rinsed), batteries (except dry batteries), any brittle objects (products made from glass, ceramics, porcelain, marble, resin, and stone) and breakable electronics like computers, laptops, and televisions.

Yes, we provide shipping facilities all over the world.

To place a booking for your consignment, you will have to visit our office at Thamel, Kathmandu or email to us . You will be asked to fill up some necessary information. After you make your payment, your booking will be confirmed.

Please note that booking is not the same as shipping. After your booking is confirmed, your goods will be sent to our carriers, only then, the ship will start. We will notify you as soon as the shipping begins.

For bulk cargo and bulky goods like automobiles, we provide packaging options with extra charge. We will pack your shipment for you at your convenient location.

For parcel, you will have to make sure that your goods have sturdy packaging to reduce possible damages that can be caused during transits. You should use sturdy three-layered cardboards to place the products. Inside, provide enough cushioning using Styrofoam or styroflakes, secure the lid of the cardboard using duct tape. Then, place the cartoon in a bubble wrap. Again, use duct tape to wrap the good with bubble wrap securely.

On the outer covering of the parcel, write names of both sender and receiver, address, and contact number in big and precise handwriting. To make it waterproof, cover it with a layer of transparent tape.

Invoice paper will also be pasted on the package along with other necessary details, for example, weight marking, handling marks, labels for hazardous materials, etc.

To provide you with the best services, we classify your shipment into the following categories:

  • Document: Any type of paper, letter, contract, file, and application come under this category.
  • Parcel: small packed good
  • Pallet: any fragile item
  • Bulk Cargo: bulk transport of a large number of goods at once

No, there are no such restrictions. You are free to make as many consignments are per your requirements.

It depends on your choice.

However, in case of smaller items that are required to be delivered as soon as possible, we recommend shipping through courier services.

If you do not need the door to door delivery service, you can use air freight. We also recommend that you use air freight, as it is cheaper than sea freight.

For sea cargo, the order needs to be FCL-full container (20 footer, 40 footer, 40 footer high cubes) or LCL-loose container Minimum 2 cbm, it depends on destination port.

Our International air freight partners are all airlines to and from Nepal.

For international parcel and courier, we have collaborated with all renowned courier companies.

While for ocean freight, the goods are transported to Indian sea port, in trucks by land, and then shipped on our collaborated liners.

In the case of domestic parcels and couriers and cargo, we have our truck and vehicles for delivering shipments.

Your goods are going to go through several stops before being delivered to your receiving party. At most stops, your shipment will be handled by an automated distribution system. It will be loaded and unloaded at least a couple of times throughout the entire process.

Throughout the process, we will have our team members or representatives present to supervise the proper handling of your goods. However, sometimes accidents may occur, which might cause damage to your goods, especially fragile objects. Thus, we request you to pack your products very carefully.

Volumetric weight is the chargeable weight of your shipment.

To find the volumetric weight, you need to find out the length, breadth, and height of your shipment in centimeters. Multiply all three measurements and divide the product by 5000 for courier and 6000 for air shipments (5000 and 6000 are international standard). If your shipment is in any other shape or is irregular, we shall calculate it for you.

We accept different payment methods. You can make your payment while you are delivering your order to us. We accept bank transfers, cheque, credit/debit/ATM card pay, and even cash.

While making your payment, you will be provided with a unique code. This is a tracking number for your order.

Once the order is shipped, we will notify you. Henceforth, you can visit our website, click on “Tracking” Menu. Then, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter your tracking number. Once you enter your tracking number, the details of your order and its current position will be displayed.

The system is regularly updated so that our clients can remain well informed about their shipment.

Whenever importing or exporting goods, first, it has to be approved by the Customs department of the country. Only after completing all the procedures and paying the fees, you shall be permitted to ship the goods forward. Getting that approval from the Customs department is called Custom Clearance.

Many times, it is getting through customs while transporting goods becomes a hectic and lengthy process. But with the assistance of Rising Star Cargo Pvt. Ltd., it shall not be an issue. We are backed up by legally licensed custom brokers who will get your shipments custom approved, abiding by the country’s law, and keep it moving towards its destination.

The commercial invoice is a document that contains all the necessary information of your consignments like the number, description, and the value of the good.

While booking your shipment with us, you will be asked to fill up a form with all the required information, on this basis, we will make a commercial invoice for you. This commercial invoice will be pasted on your packages.

It depends on the means by with the order is being shipped. For international deliveries, air freight takes around 4 to 10 days, while sea freight takes about 45 to 60 days from the shipment date. Courier takes approximately 4 to 6 days to be delivered.

For domestic transportation, both parcels, and couriers, as well as cargo, take a maximum of 2-5 working days to be delivered. Please note that door to door delivery is not available for the domestic courier.

For domestic parcel and courier, it is possible to receive the order on the same day if the order is given early before noon.

For other kinds of cargo and courier, it is not possible to receive the order on the same day. The time taken to receive the order through different types of deliveries is listed above.

For international door-to-door parcel delivery, please wait till six working days (from the shipment date, not to be confused with the booking date). If you do not receive any notification even after six days, immediately contact us. We will contact our carriers and get back to you.

To make it easier for our clients to reach out to us, our customer care allocated at different platforms.
To call us:
Telephone no. : 977-01-4435989, 977-01-4423585, 977-01-4436171, 977-01-4437247, 977-01-4429618
You can email us at Alternatively, you can message us on our Facebook page, Rising Star Cargo Pvt. Ltd.

We will notify you on the parcel delivery date, kindly please collect it. If, due to any circumstance, you do not receive the parcel, it will return to the warehouse. You need to contact us and come to collect your parcel within six working days. If not received within the deadline, fine might be imposed.

Yes, you can cancel your shipment. You will need to write an application, detailing the reasons for the cancellation. Please note that refunds will not be provided in case of cancellation; instead, extra charges might be imposed.

After shipment reaches its destination, both the sender and the receiver will be notified. Receiving parties can easily collect their goods by providing the tracking number and the necessary details of the receiver.

Yes, you can buy different insurance policies applicable to all kinds of shipments. We do not ship any type of goods without insurance premiums. You can learn more about different premiums and their rates while booking for your transfer, and hence choose whichever seems most practical for your purpose.

If you find out any damage has been caused to your order or your order has been lost, please send us an email first.

Then, you need to present a claim notice using your letterhead with the relevant airway bill number, shipment details, and involved claim amount along with a document from the receiving party stating that the consignment has not arrived, or that the shipment is damaged.

Besides the notice, you are also required to present a copy of the commercial invoice, airway bill, and packing list. In case of damage, you are required to show photos of the inner and outer package as well as original cover packaging.

In case of any harm or damage to your shipment box during the shipment, and you are willing to claim it, please apply along with all the required documents immediate after the receiving the shipment.

If you have insurance premium, the insurance company can cover for your damages.

Dedicated for your service, we aim to provide excellent trouble-free shipping options at reasonable prices. For the purpose, we have collaborated with international airlines, shipping line as well as global courier service providers. We make sure that your deliveries are made on time, and within our best capacity, no damage is caused. We closely communicate with you so that we can understand your needs and provide our services accordingly. We assure safe and reliable transportation of your goods, with easy tracking options while in process.

Established in 1999, Rising Star Cargo Pvt. Ltd. is the leading logistics company in Nepal. We provide a wide range of facilities like air and ocean freight all over the world, air, sea, and land mail, land cargo, exports and imports, warehousing, courier and parcel with door-to-door delivery, and logistic services. Our logistic services include contract management, regulatory compliance, route planning, fleet management, delivery scheduling, purchased proper transportation management, and even packaging.
In short, we provide all the necessary services to manage transportation of any type of item reliably and responsibly.

Exporting goods from Nepal has several steps. You need to receive permission from different authorities. Overall, the process can be very time consuming and tiresome. This is where we are of help to you. We help you to prepare legal documents as per the export rules and regulations of the Government. The following documents are required for legally exporting goods from Nepal:
  • Custom Declaration Form
  • Commercial invoice
  • GSP form ‘A’ if applicable
  • Copy of letter of credit or advance payment statement received from the bank.
  • Foreign Exchange Declaration Form of Nepal Rastra Bank
  • Packing List
  • Copy of Firm/company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of income tax registration certificate
  • EXIM Code Certificate (Exporter Importer Registration and REX Certificate(Registered Exporter System) for European Countries
  • Airway bill (in case of air freight)
  • Transport manifesto (one copy per truck), Custom transit declarations, and Transit declaration invoice for goods in transit via India/Bangladesh to the third country destination. (in case of land freight)
  • Letter of authority to clear the consignment
  • Certificate of origin from the local chamber of commerce
  • Other required documents as per the nature of the goods (for example passbook for gold handicrafts, Value Added Tax Certificate for beer, spirits and cigarettes, Phytosanitary Certificate for agricultural products/plants)
  • Other particular permission documents from government departments (for example: CITES Certificate from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation for the export of bones and horn products, Certificate from Department of Archaeology for export of archaeologically valuable goods like wood carvings, thangkas, statues, and others.)
For more information on the services we provide, you can send us your queries at