Gautam Buddha International Airport

Nepal Freight Forward Association has demanded that the access road (road) leading to the completed customs warehouse (cargo building) at Gautam Buddha International Airport Bhairahawa be made immediately.

With the resumption of flights from Gautam Budh International Airport, the representative of Nepal Free Forward Association, who came to study the feasibility of export through this airport and discuss with the stakeholders, has requested to construct an access road immediately as there is no access road to the customs and cargo building. They made this demand at a press conference held in Bhairahawa on Saturday to inform about the discussions held with stakeholders.

Hari Dhakal, the owner of Rising Star Cargo, who exported Jajira Airways goods from this airport only last week, and the treasurer of Nepal Fred Forward Association, said that after he sent two tons of cargo from Gautam Budh International Airport, a new dimension was added and the door of export possibilities was opened. He said there is a possibility of Churpi extraction. Dhakal immediately insisted on building an access road for the operation of the new cargo building.
Source: Karobar Daily
September 11, 2022