Cargo will also be sent from Gautam Buddha Airport

Bhairahawa – For the first time, cargo (goods) has been prepared to be sent abroad from the Gautam Budh International Airport located here. Kuwait’s Jazeera Airlines started commercial flights from May 2. Although the necessary infrastructure for cargo flights is ready here, there was a delay due to the export company’s lack of interest.
According to the International Airport, Jazeera Airlines is going to take two tons of cargo on Saturday morning. Necessary infrastructure including customs and security checks has been prepared at the airport for the export of goods. Kathmandu-based Himalex Traders is going to export its products to France for the first time through Rising star Cargo Pvt Ltd. Pradeep Sapkota, owner of Himalex Traders, said that it was a transit cargo.

The goods will be delivered to France’s Lyon airport via Kuwait,’ Sapkota said, ‘We have brought goods from Kathmandu to show that it is possible to send cargo from Bhairawa airport as well.’ Tell According to him, for the first time, various handicrafts made from wool are about to be sent. “The aim is for exporters to use Bhairawa airport,” said Jeevan Pant, manager of Rising star Cargo, “We have come here to promote Bhairawa airport.”
August 26, 2022