Company Information

In 1999 Mr. Rishi Punnakhar Dhakal Founded , Rising Star cargo Pvt. Ltd. is one of the renowned Freight forwarder company in Nepal. We provide Freight transportation ,Logistics and information services. To meet our customers' freight needs, we provide access to over 1000 transportation providers worldwide, including contract motor carriers, railroads, air freight carriers, and ocean carriers. With the service and dedication of more than 100 employees, our performance-driven culture, and our proven track record of success, we've built a strong reputation as an industry leader.

we've evolved into an industry with a comprehensive portfolio of sourcing, transportation, and logistics services. The ongoing challenges of the supply chain industry inspire us to innovate and search for new ideas that challenge limits and extend beyond brokerage. Our customers, contract carriers, and suppliers are the beneficiaries of this forward-thinking approach, because we believe they deserve nothing but the best from their third party logistics.

Corporate responsibility

At Rising Star Cargo Pvt Ltd, our success is dependent on the health and productivity of our employees, our customers, contract carriers and suppliers, our communities, and our world. That's why we're always looking for opportunities to give back to our industry, support great causes, and make Rising Star Cargo Pvt Ltd a great place to work.

We believe in being a good corporate citizen, using our resources wisely, and investing in programs and organizations that are making a positive, sustainable impact. We'd like to introduce you to some of the remarkable people and programs that are inspiring us to think beyond today and create a more promising tomorrow.


For us, sustainability is an overall approach to business—a way to add value, improve efficiency, and invest in the long-term success of our customers, contract carriers, suppliers, employees, and communities.

  • As a third party transportation and logistics provider, we help our customers and industry increase efficiency
  • Our produce programs help bring healthy products to market and reduce the distance from farm to table
  • We are committed to providing a healthy, professional workplace so everyone has the opportunity to grow
  • We give back to our communities because the success of our industry depends on their health and success

We believe that everyone can contribute to the sustainability of our industry and our communities. Together, we can make a difference.